Headaches & Migraine Specialists in Clifton, NJ

It is common for many to treat their headaches with over-the-counter medications, and some even resort to prescriptions, but too much medication isn’t good for the body long term and can start too throw many things off balance. At Natural Health Center, we aim to restore that balance with Nutrition options, therapeutic exercise and acupuncture. By assessing your unique situation, we’ll help you figure out the triggers to your headaches and make the necessary changes to keep them under control.

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Multidisciplinary Medical Center in Clifton, NJ

Conservative Approach With Cutting Edge Treatments


Many painful musculoskeletal conditions, joint problems, and other physical issues can be successfully treated without needing to undergo invasive surgery.

We have been in Clifton for over 45 years and help our patients achieve optimal health and maximum function through physical medicine without the use of drugs and surgery. We take a conservative approach and offer a team of providers with multiple specialties under one roof to develop comprehensive treatment plans to address the root cause of the patient’s condition.

Many of our patients come to us because they are concerned about taking dangerous opioids and the risks of surgery and are interested in a more conservative, non-surgical approach to resolve their pain.

Our doctors are experts at planning and executing rehabilitation techniques to help patients with short-term injuries or long-term medical conditions.

If you are suffering from pain, joint problems, or other issues, please contact our office in Clifton, NJ. Our specialists will be able to evaluate your condition to help you find a solution that fits your needs.