Can Acupuncture help with Winter Aches and Pains

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By Austin Davidson L.Ac

With winter winds comes the aches and pains.


For many people who are chronic sufferers of neck and lower back issues, they can attest that the weather is a large factor in affecting their pain.  Cold and wind tend to stiffen the muscles and joints causing the already existing pain to become unbearable. But not everyone’s pain is the same which is why it is important as a practitioner to understand the correct diagnosis when treating our patients.  

In Chinese medicine, we associate different symptoms as certain pathological factors that manifest into what you are feeling. Wind can enter the body and cause pain that feels like it is constantly moving from one place to another. Cold constricts and binds the tendons and muscles creating stiffness. Dampness forms within the joints and vessels causing that achy sensation.  

My goal as an Acupuncturist is to assess if you have one or more of these pathological factors, sometimes even a combination of them, and treat them accordingly. Whether it be to warm the areas that are cold, expel the wind, or even drain the dampness; all of these can help reduce pain and inflammation, as well as increase range of motion and resistance to these pathogens.  

How to protect yourself from the elements

Simple, bundle up!  

Layering up during colder temperatures as well as properly covering vulnerable areas of the body, e.g. wearing a scarf to cover the nape of the neck and earmuffs, can help ward off invasive wind and cold in the body.

The colder weather is just one of the many stressors that may affect neck and lower back pain. By visiting our office regularly for treatment, we can reduce and prevent pain of the neck and back this winter. For more information on our services or to schedule an appointment, contact Natural Health Center of Clifton today.