Pain Control Injections in Clifton, NJ

Natural Health Center Offers Pain Control Injections for Knee and Joint Pain

At Natural Health Center, our experts are here to help you heal from your injuries, find pain relief, and improve your strength after a diagnosis like osteoarthritis. If your joint and knee pain is unbearable, we may discuss pain control injections as an option on your path to recovery. We serve Clifton and the surrounding areas with natural health care for your whole body. Do not waste another day assuming that your pain is normal.

What Are Pain Control Injections?

Pain control injections are injections administered by a medical professional directly into an area that needs extra relief. These injections may have pain medications, diagnostic fluids, or other treatments depending upon your doctor’s recommendations and specific needs. Relief is often instant, but sometimes it may take a few days to feel a difference depending on your exact treatment.

How Can Injections Help My Pain and Facilitate Healing?

Delivering medications directly to the needed area means that a higher dose can reach your pain. Whether you are receiving your own cells to help heal from an injury or osteoarthritis, pain-relieving medications, or another doctor recommended protocol, injections allow instant treatment in the exact area they’re needed. We can help you heal with treatment more effectively once your pain is reduced and you have an increased range of motion. The treatment we provide, in general, will also reduce your pain with or without injections due to the doctor’s knowledge of the anatomy of your injury and physical therapy at the correct pace.

Come into our office to learn more about how pain control injections can help you heal and regain your mobility and strength.

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