Headaches/Migraines in Clifton, NJ

Headache & Migraine Relief

Many people think of acupuncture when it comes to back or neck pain, but not everyone makes the connection that an acupuncture doctor can help them with headache & migraine treatment as well. At Natural Health Center in Clifton, NJ we can not only help relieve the pain of headaches and migraines, but we can prescribe a pain management program that will help prevent future headaches, to give you a better quality of life.

Types of Headaches Treated

Tension Headaches

Triggered by stress, and are usually felt as a dull aching sensation all over the head, and may include tenderness in the neck or shoulders.

Cluster Headaches

Cluster Headaches are accompanied by a piercing or burning pain behind the eye or side of the face and may bring tearing or nasal congestion as well. These are more common in spring and fall, and also in men. The good news is, this will pass quickly most of the time, the bad news is another is often right behind it.


These headaches are felt as an intense pulsing deep in your head, which makes it difficult to function. There is a throbbing pain on one side, and bring with them nausea and many other increased sensitivities called auras including
  • Flashing or shimmering lights
  • Blind spots
  • Stars
  • Zig-zag lines
Often migraines are triggered by different environmental factors, such as stress, some foods, chemicals, or dehydration. Triggers vary from person to person. At Natural Health Center in Clifton, NJ. we’ll help you identify these triggers.

Allergy and Sinus Headaches –

Headaches that are focused on the front area of your head. Many of these headaches are actually migraines

Hormone Headaches –

Women often get hormonal headaches whenever there is a fluctuation in estrogen levels, this may be triggered by the use of birth control pills, menstruation, pregnancy, ovulation, or due to experiencing menopause. The right relaxation techniques, including exercise and acupuncture, can help keep these under control

Exertion Headaches –

High levels of physical activity, especially if it is beyond what you are used to can trigger exertion headaches. If these are happening often, you should see if there is some other medical factor causing these headaches.

Treating Headaches & Migraines

It is common for many to treat their headaches with over the counter medications, and some even resort to prescriptions, but too much medication isn’t good for the body long term and can start to throw many things off balance. At Natural Health Center, we aim to restore that balance with Nutrition options, therapeutic exercise and acupuncture. By assessing your unique situation, we’ll help you figure out the triggers to your headaches and make the necessary changes to keep them under control. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, contact us at Natural Health Center in Clifton, NJ at (973) 470-0687.