Shoulder Pain in Clifton, NJ

If you are living with shoulder pain that shows no signs of going away, you might need our innovative treatment. At Natural Health Center in Clifton, we specialize in natural pain relief techniques for musculoskeletal issues that cause neck, shoulder, and back pain. By scheduling a visit to our center, we can diagnose the source of your pain and recommend options for treatment. Here’s what you should know about shoulder pain causes, symptoms, and treatments.

Shoulder Pain Causes

There are multiple causes of shoulder pain, many of which stem from muscle overuse and injury. A dislocated shoulder, joint strains and sprains, and rotator cuff injury can cause pain and discomfort in your shoulder. Muscle stress and overuse can lead to shoulder bursae or tendinitis, which will also result in recurring pain.

Frozen shoulder can cause debilitating pain and discomfort, making it hard to perform even the simplest of tasks. Muscle tension and stress can irritate nerves in your back and neck, leading to frozen shoulder. Our doctor can help alleviate muscle stress and inflammation to give your shoulder a chance to heal.

Shoulder Pain

After reviewing your medical history and giving you a thorough physical exam, your doctor in Clifton will be in a better position to recommend a shoulder pain treatment. We will conduct muscle strength, reflex, and mobility tests to determine the cause of your pain and severity of your symptoms.

Treatment for shoulder pain generally starts with manual adjustments to realign imbalanced joints, alleviate muscle tension, and restore mobility. We may add rehab exercises to your treatment plan to expedite healing. The duration of your treatment will depend on your condition and its severity. Most people start feeling better after the first session, although your treatment plan may last for several weeks to achieve full recovery.

Don’t delay in starting your shoulder pain treatment plan with our doctor. To schedule an appointment at Natural Health Center in Clifton, call (973) 370-0807 today.