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We are looking forward to seeing you at your appointment. Please text or call us at 973-370-9155 if you have any questions or need assistance!
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It’s never been a better time for your well-being to matter most!
Our patients’ well-being and safety are our primary concern. With this in mind, we never closed during the pandemic and stayed open with strict protocols in order to continue helping our patients.
We perform a rapid medical check to check patient temperatures before each visit; anyone over 99.6 is not permitted in the office
Telemedicine visits via HIPPA secure site for those staying at home
We disinfect tables before and after each patient
The office is thoroughly and routinely cleaned and disinfected with a military grade disinfectant Decon7
We use Molekule air purifiers that use PECO technology to destroy the widest range of pollutants compared to conventional purifiers. In fact, PECO destroys pollutants 1000x smaller than what the HEPA standard even tests for.
Stay safe and stay healthy!
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