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Ultrasound Therapy

When you hear the word ultrasound most people think about pregnant women receiving the procedure to check on the development or gender of her baby. Ultrasound can also be used to treat things like kidney stones, uterine fibroids, and certain types of cancer. Ultrasound therapy can be used to treat a variety of conditions and act as a therapy for those with body pain.


Ultrasound therapy is a treatment that helps reduce muscle pain by using sound waves. The high-frequency waves stimulate deep inside muscle tissue to minimize pain, stiffness, and swelling. This promotes proper circulation in the body and reduces painful movement. The treatment is well received because the procedure is a painless and non-invasive way to help people with chronic pain.


There are two main types of ultrasound: thermal and mechanical. In thermal ultrasound, the wand makes the tissue vibrate and heat up. This type of ultrasound is typically used to treat soft tissue pain and musculoskeletal issues. The other type is called mechanical ultrasound, also referred to as cavitation ultrasound therapy. Mechanical ultrasound therapy uses waves created by the machine to create pressure differences in tissue fluids, which lead to the formation of bubbles. When these bubbles interact with body tissues they burst and create small shockwaves. The shockwaves can be used to break down kidney stones, making them easier and safer to remove.


The ultrasound machine works by sending an electrical current through crystals inside the ultrasound probe or better known as the ultrasound wand. The wand vibrates, causing waves to travel through the skin, deep into the muscle tissue. The waves then transfer energy to the tissues to provide the needed treatment. Ultrasound can focus on tissues deep within the body without affecting other tissues close to the surface. While receiving your ultrasound therapy your medical provider can adjust the frequency and intensity of the ultrasound and the duration of the procedure to achieve the best results.


Ultrasound therapy can be an effective way to treat the swelling of muscles, joints, and ligaments. The mild heating effect of the ultrasound helps reduce inflammation and heal muscle pain. The ultrasound also aids tissue fluids called lymph and makes it easier to travel through the body. Lymph is a vital fluid in the body that transports white blood cells throughout the body. Due to this ultrasound has been known to promote healing in the body.


On the day of your treatment, you should wear loose clothing that can be easily removed, depending on the area in which you will receive the treatment. Before your treatment, the technician performing the procedure will assess the skin to check for any wounds or infections. If your skin is clear, then the technician will begin by applying a gel or cream to your skin. This will form a barrier to protect your skin and help the ultrasound waves reach the muscle tissue. The ultrasound wand will then be lightly pressed onto your skin.


Some people may not feel anything, but some people say that they feel a slight warmth or tingle on the skin. If the ultrasound wand is held in one spot for more than five seconds it can bring slight discomfort but it should never be painful. If you’re feeling discomfort let your technician know.


Natural health center offers ultrasound therapy through our highly trained team of pain management specialists. They will develop a customized treatment plan to treat you. If you are interested in ultrasound therapy contact the Natural Health Center in Clifton, NJ. To schedule an appointment, call us at 973-370-9155 or fill out our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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