Jump Starting the Body with Electroacupuncture

Jump Starting the Body with Electroacupuncture

Electroacupunture at the Natural Health Center of Clifton

By Austin Davidson L.Ac

Electricity and the Body: Benefits of Electroacupuncture

In Chinese medicine we talk about the main power supply of the body: Qi. It provides function to the organs, creates movement and flow, allows for health and balance. So what is the equivalent to Qi in Western medicine?  The answer is actually a very tiny particle called an electron.  Electrons create communication between cells or in a larger picture the brain and the body.  Electrical signals generated by the body can induce the various functions of tissue in the body that allow us to do simple actions like opening doors, nodding our heads, walking and standing; but also at a complex level allows the body to do subconscious processes like turning food to sugar, creating proteins, releasing hormones, and other thousands of jobs that allow us to function everyday.  When we lose electrons or the flow of the electrons are impeded this is where dysfunction and disease arise.

Powering the body with electrons.

So how exactly do we use electricity to treat pain or disease?  Well just the same as if we would have a deficiency of vitamins and minerals we take supplements to replace those deficiencies, we would flood the body with electrons. In acupuncture we use the same tools as we would in a regular treatment but add the electricity to the needles.  It may sound scary but it’s very comfortable and painless, at most patients feel a slight tapping sensation or low vibration.  These devices that send electricity are able to send signals to the nervous system unlocking your body’s own healing abilities. From release Beta-endorphins that can decrease pain and inflammation to GABA which can produce a calming effect on nerves and muscles.  The body has all the raw material it needs to heal the body but sometimes it just needs a jump start.    

Recharging your battery.

Electro-acupuncture isn’t the only way to fill your body with antioxidant rich electrons.  The Earth itself is a giant electron storage and can be easily accessed by touching it through a process called Earthing or Grounding.  It may sound silly to say that if you go walking barefoot outside for 30 mins that you’ll feel better, but studies show that the effects don’t only show improvement in mental health but also in pain and inflammation. So go outside and bury your feet in the grass once in a while!

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